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  1. An eight hour seminar that will ignite your church to align with God's plan

  2. to bring the gospel message to all peoples for His glory!

  3. 1.  Creator God  -    A God like none other

  4. 2.  Creation        -    All Peoples for His Glory

  5. 3.  Covenant      -    A People for His Glory 

  6. 4.  Christ Jesus   -   The Glory & Love of God

  7. 5.  Commission  -    The People of God Called

  8. 6.  Celebration    -   All Peoples Worshipping

  9. 7.  Consumed     -   The Church Empowered

  10. 8.  Consecrated  -   A Life Like None Other

  11. Call Brother Bob Gibson at 713-412-0582 to schedule this FREE seminar to ignite your church for GOD''S GLORY!

An e-mail I recently received:
Brother Bob Gibson,
God bless you in all that you do. You may not remember me. My name is Diego Zarruck we met in Nicaragua, when you were in Jinotepe giving the seminary on obeying God's will in Pastor Ruddy Palacios Church. I was the one that read off of your laptop while you were in the cafe one friday night.
Well, I just wanted to thank you for the words that our Lord gave you to give me. You said one thing that impacted my life and will be impacting it until I go. "The world has impacted the Church, the Church hasn't impacted the world."
I want to work for the Lord with all my strength, will, and soul. I want to offer my services to your ministry. I translate/interprete documents and reports. I am not looking for any financial help. I am a volunteer, looking to serve the Lord the only way I know, with what he has given me.
I am a promoter for Hotel Casa Mateo here in Nicaragua. This Hotel is a Christian Hotel for ministries.
I will be attentive to your response.
May the Lord bless you always,
Diego zarruck
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Oh Lord Jesus Until You Come We will GO!

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